Experimenting with constructing visualizations in Data Illustrator and Charticulator

When: March 15, 2023 at 16:00 - 18:00
Place: ITU, 4D Corridor (or the larger rooms 4A54 or 3A52 as contingency)
Run by: Søren Knudsen

How might digital tools support visualization construction?

A recent topic in visualization research is to better understand how tools can be designed to allow people to author or construct visualizations. The notion of Constructive Visualization provides one perspective on this, while more recent tools have shown how this notion might be considered in the design of digital tools for creating novel visualization designs. In this data jam, we experiment with two tools: Data Illustrator from Adobe Research and Charticulator from Microsoft Research. Using these tools, we attempt to re-create the same visualization in both.

For our activity, we will focus on re-creating an existing visualization, which was designed to present annual weather patterns of Boston, US. By re-creating something existing, we get to focus mostly on the tool and less on the product. For our activity, however, we will use Copenhagen weather data to make it a bit more interesting.


We loosely follow this plan but are open to drop-ins as time permits.

16.00 Introduction to Data Jams, Data Illustrator and Charticulator
16.20 Introduction to the activity
16.30 Creating the weather visualization in Data Illustrator
17.00 Check in and informal chat
17.15 Creating the weather visualization in Charticulator
17.45 Reflections, wrap-up, and informal chat


Keeping with the jam narrative, we aim for this event to be fun and engaging, and to allow us to meet fellow people with interests related to human data interaction.

  • Have fun
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Discuss perspectives related to human data interaction and beyond