Human Data Interaction Lab

The Human Data Interaction Lab focuses on the human factors in the conception, use, and understanding of data. The lab functions as a venue for discussing matters related to human data interaction broadly and invites students and faculty to join forces to better understand these aspects.

People and affiliated research groups

About twenty people are affiliated with the lab, some of which are also members of the hcds research group. Reach out if you’re interested in becoming a part of the lab!


We run two different kinds of events in the lab: Data Jams and research events.

Data Jams are particularly relevant for ITU students. Please see our overview of Data Jams for more on this.

Research events, such as talks by visiting researchers often have broader appeal.

Upcoming Research Events

Community-Data Interaction in the Making - talk by Tatiana Losev from SFU
November 20, 2023, starting at 13:00.
Overview of research events.
Collaborative Space logo

Collaborative Space

Two hot-desks and a large shared display for collaborative work, presentations, and prototyping.
Space for Studies & Experiments logo

Space for Studies & Experiments

Isolated space for conducting participants-based studies and experiments.
Equipment & Materials logo

Equipment & Materials

Equipment and materials for working with human data interaction.